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Products available from the Society
New/Recent Products worth a look
Commercial Sources of Plants and Supplies

Products available from the Orchid Society

The Society aims to maintain supplies of various items which are specific to orchid growing and not readily available from local outlets.

Limited quantities of most items will be available on the sales table at the regular monthly meetings.

Supplies are currently split between several members. You can contact them directly to have your specific requirements brought to the meeting or arrange to pick up from the member's home.

The distribution of products is as follows:

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New/Recent Products worth a Look

The following are selected products which may be of interest to cool climate orchid growers. The products are typically ones which have become available in the last year or so. Sources of these products is a guide only and not necessarily comprehensive. Potential purchasers are encouraged to check out other possible suppliers.


Pads of coir (coconut fibre) for use as a mount. These pads have four hanger holes (one in each corner)and can be cut into halves or quarters if you want a smaller mount. Available from various suppliers including Easy Orchids and Orchid Tray Company

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Twin Wall polycarbonate Greenhouses

These greenhouses are ideal for Canberra and cool climate regions where you want to grow warmer climate orchids and contain heating costs. Twin wall polycarbonate has excellent insulation and light transmission properties and is very tough. It rarely breaks and so is not as dangerous as glass. While you could construct your own, kit forms are easy to erect, provide a range of layouts and are cost effective. A local supplier of these types of greenhouses is Canberra Sheds and Outdoor storage

Fan Driven Fogger

These relatively inexpensive foggers use a high speed fan to generate the fog. They have a float valve so can be easily connected to a water tap. Several members have bought these foggers and found them to be very effective. Picture shows a fogger in operation. A supplier of the fogger is Easy Orchids.

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Woven Metal Shade Cloth

The major advantage of this material over the usual synthetic material is that it has better insulation properties. In the summer it will keep the greenhouse cooler, while in winter if installed inside the greenhouse will help reduce heat loss. Some suppliers will tailor the fabric to your requirements with grommets. Supplier details to come

picture to come

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Commercial Sources of Plants and Supplies

If you are looking to buy orchids to grow, there are various sources. Many retail nurseries, garden supply centres and florists sell orchids, although typically only when in flower. However, for a greater range of orchids and advice, the serious enthusiast will probably find the specialist growers better meet their needs. For the novice grower, the sales tables run by orchid societies at their meetings and shows are an excellent opportunity to acquire plants. For the latest commercial releases and for multiple quantities the numerous grower/nurseries are the best source.

DO NOT take native orchids from the wild in public parks, reserves etc. All native orchids on crown land are protected species. Also, with the advances in breeding, the hybrids etc produced by commercial growers produce more spectacular displays than the native species.

Most orchid growers are on the internet. Some of these suppliers likely to be of interest to Canberra members are listed below.

Sources of Plants and Supplies

Supplier Specialising in:

Products listed are indicative of ranges carried. View websites etc for details and prices

Australian Orchid Nursery 58 Mornington Tyabb Rd TYABB VIC 3913 Ph: 03 5977 3122 Fax: 03 5977 3350 Prop: Wayne Turville Email: Web: and

Orchids: Cooler growing orchids, especially native species and hybrids.
Supplies: Tree fern (black and brown), pots, tags, fertiliser.

Aussie Plant Tags 9 The Grove BORONIA VIC 3155 Ph: 03 9761 1100 Prop: David and Pauline Brewster Email: Web:

Supplies: Specialising in plant tags, printed and blank

C-Mac Industries 72 Mandoon Road Girraween NSW 2145 Phone: +61 02 9631 6000 Web:

Suplies: C-Mac Nursery Equipment is the market leader of horticulture and nursery equipment manufacture in Australia for over 46 years. Nursery equipment is sold to wholesale nurseries and general public (mostly orchid growers and orchid hobbyists) Australian wide.

Dark Star Orchids PO Box 114 BOWRAVILLE NSW 2449 Ph: 02 6564 4088 Prop: Hans Schaible Email: Web:

Orchids: Bulbophyllums, dendrochilums, Lycastes, paphiopedilums, Africans, mostly species orchids

David Keanelly Orchids 22 Emmett Rd GOLDEN SQUARE VIC 3555 Ph: 03 5442 4806 0411 352 036 Prop: David Keanelly Email:

Orchids: Cymbidiums and flasking service

Easy Orchids 3 Sussex St WOODBURN NSW 2472 Ph: 02 6682 2635 Fax: 02 6682 2605 Prop: Murray Shergold Web:

Orchids: Wide range including African and Asian species and hybrids. Some plants other than orchids. Flasks and plants.
Supplies: Wide range including pots, coco husk chips, other coconut products, tags, fogger, cork, hangers, clips.

Firetail Orchids Lot 39 Central Avenue NOWRA NSW 2541 Ph: 02 4421 2699 Prop: Trevor and Pam Hughes Web:

Orchids: Cymbidium pot plants, mericlones and seedling flasks.

Supplies: Fertiliser (slow release blend)

Hills District Orchids 183 Windsor Road NORTHMEAD NSW 2152 Ph: 02 9674 4720 or 0412 123 036 Prop: David P. Banks Email: Web:

Orchids: Natives, exotics. Other plants including pitchers and clivias

Mt Beenak Orchids 27 Hacketts Cr Rd THREE BRIDGES VIC 3797 Ph/fax: 03 5966725 Prop: Clive Halls Email: Web:

Orchids: Cymbidiums, zygopetalums, odontoglossums, natives, masdevallias.
Mail order

Supplies: some chemicals, tags and similar

Orchid Species Plus 405 Main St KINGSTON VIC 3364 Ph/fax: 03 5345 6387 Prop: Bill and Jan Miles Email: Web:

Orchids: Cooler growing orchids, species and hybrids

Orchid Tray Company PO Box 767 SUTHERLAND NSW 1499 Ph: Robert Bisetto 0431037 372 George Birss 0413 581 777 Email: Web:

Supplies: Pots, trays, coco husk chips, fertilisers, chemicals, meters

Canberra Sheds and Outdoor Storage 80 Fremantle Dr STIRLING ACT Ph: 02 6288 1498 or 041032473 Web:

Supplies: Polycarbonate Greenhouses, garden sheds.

Tinonee Orchid Nursery 768 Tinonee Road TINONEE NSW 2430 Ph/fax: 02 6553 1012 Prop: Ray Clements Email: Web:

Orchids: Native hybrids, especially dendrobiums, sarcochilus.
Supplies: Tags, wire products, coco husk chips, cork.

Woolf OrchidCulture PO Box 6018 TOOWOOMA WEST QLD 4350 Ph: 07 4630 1788 Prop: John Woolf Email: Web:

Orchids: Natives and exotics, cooler growing orchids

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