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Society General Meetings

Information for new or intending members on the society and its meeting arrangements is here. Be aware that this may be affected by COVID requirements.

Doors open 7:30pm for setup and benching of plants, meeting commences 8:00pm.
If you have a sick plant and want advice, bring it to the meeting in a sealed plastic bag and our experts will look at it.
3 November
Topic: Sarcochilus
Presenter: Rob Rough and other members
Rob Rough has great success with his sarcochilus at our Show. Learn how to get the best out of these colourful orchids.
Note: this meeting will be held at the Ainslie Football Club
Library will not be operating. Sales and giveaway tables as usual
2 December
Xmas Party This will be at the Ainslie Football Club.
The AFC will cater. Quizzes etc, plant prizes, benching of plants, give away table but NO sales table.
Further information will be emailed.
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Benching Orchids at OSC Meetings

The Society has implemented a more structured process for benching of orchids at its general meetings. For each plant being benched members are asked to complete a benching card identifying the class of the plant, its name and the members name, and place this with their plant in the marked area for that class. Plant classes will be fixed for all meetings so cards can be prefilled or cards will be available for completing at the meeting. The plant classes do not distinguish between species and hybrids and provides additional classes for novice growers:
benching classes

In other respects the classes follow fairly closely the classifications used for our show (see Definitions 2019 show) and in Appendix 1 of our book.

The benching cards can be downloaded here: The cards allow for plant number to be entered by the marshal. An example of a completed card:


From the February meeting members will have the option of voting electronically (paper forms still available). The voting form will be accessed by smart phone simply by using the camera function to scan a qr code. Further information is in the January February Bulletin.
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Other Society Events

No listings
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Horticultural Society of Canberra 2020


These shows typically include a section for orchids which Orchid Society members are encouraged to support

7-9 Nov
Spring Exhibition and Rose Show
Wesley Centre, National Circuit, Forrest.
Show schedule
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Events of Other Orchid Clubs 2020

Events of possible interest to Canberra members. We try to keep the information accurate but with the situation regarding COVID-19 events can be cancelled at short notice. Please advise if there are any errors. A list of all orchid show dates in NSW is on the Orchid Society of NSW website

In view of the changing situation re COVID-19, readers are advised to check with the relevant club as to the status of their shows

1-5 September
Australian Orchid Council
22nd Conference and Show
Logan Metro Sports and Events Centre
Crestmead, QLD

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