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*Australian Orchid Societies
Australasian Native Orchid Society
Australasian Native Orchid Society Victoria
Australian Orchid Council
Orchid Society of New South Wales
Orchid Societies Council of Victoria
Eurobodalla Orchid Club
Parramatta Orchid Society
Sapphire Coast Orchid Society
Shoalhaven Orchid Society
Sutherland Shire Orchid Society
*Other Useful links
American Orchid Society Australian National Botanic Gardens
Kevin Dawes - Coelogynes
Orchid Guide Digest
London Orchid Society
Flora of Costa Rica
Missouri Botanical Garden - W3TROPICOS
The Orchid House
Orchid Mall
Orchid Species
Royal Horticultural Society
Silk Flowers

Australasian Native Orchid Society(ANOS)

If you appreciate or grow native orchids, then this is a must see site. Info about field trips, conservation, Australasian Native Orchid hybrids, and features from their publication, The Orchadian, are all available.

Australasian Native Orchid Society (Victoria Group)

Again if you appreciate or grow native orchids, then this is a must see site. Info about field trips, conservation, Australasian Native Orchid hybrids. Become a member and receive their monthly publication.

Australian Orchid Council

An informative site about their many publications, including the bulletin Orchids Australia, and details about affiliated societies and clubs in your area.

Orchid Society of New South Wales>

The aims of The Orchid Society Of New South Wales are to promote, the culture propagation, hybridisation, growing and clasification of orchids of all genera. They hold monthly meetings on the last Monday of each month at the Fivedock RSL Bowling CLub, Fivedock. The meetings include orchid plant competition, guest speakers on growing and culture of orchids, light supper with time for discussion and orchid award judging. The Orchid Society of NSW and Affiliated Societies present 3 major Orchid Exhibitions each year and a number of small exhibitions. For further information and any queries contact Ian Chalmers.

Orchid Societies Council of Victoria (OSCOV)

This is the coordinating body for Victorian clubs and societies. Their website now provides papers on various aspects of orchid culture, OSCOV awards, a list of awarded orchids, pictures of awarded orchids and a list of all shows by the 30 OSCOV societies. It is also a free website for all OSCOV societies.

Eurobodalla Orchid Club

Website of the Eurobodalla Orchid Club

Parramatta Orchid Society

Website of the Parramatta Orchid Society

Sapphire Coast Orchid Society

Website of the Sapphire Coast Orchid Society covering Bega, Merimbula etc

Shoalhaven Orchid Society>

Website of the Shoalhaven Orchid Society covering Nowra

Sutherland Shire Orchid Society

Website of the Sutherland Shire Orchid Society

American Orchid Society (AOS)

OrchidWeb is the massive American Orchid Society web site with more than 6000 text and image files. Complete with a bulletin board, scheduled orchid 'chats' and a searchable database for orchid specialty groups, you can spend many hours here. Also check out the bookstore.

Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG)

The ANBG displays the largest collection of Australian native plants.You will discover over 6000 species, set in 90 hectares of land on Black Mountain, Canberra. The Gardens cover many diverse programs in the study of flora, including The Centre for Plant Diversity and the Australian National Herbarium.

Kevin Dawes - Coelogynes

Created by Kevin Dawes, a member of the Canberra Orchid Society. Presents detailed information on many coelogyne orchids and their relatives. All photos have been taken by Kevin and most are of his plants.

Orchidguide Digest (OGD)

The ultimate online orchid resource. This is an orchid-specific mailing list and news group, designed to share information from all sources. Notes are posted from amateurs, enthusiastic hobbyists, commercial growers, and even noted authorities. To subscribe to the orchid guide digest, send a mail message to In the body of the message type the line: subscribe orchids-digest

London Orchid Society (LOS) (Canada)

Useful reference material on orchids. In particular, provides abbreviations for orchid species and hybrids used by the RHS and LOS - select Miscellaneous Files on the navigation panel.

Flora of Costa Rica

Not just for orchid lovers, since nearly all species in this floristically rich country have been tabled. Maps and information are available on each species ranging from ferns and conifers to bromeliads and orchids. It's the next best thing to being there, and definitely a lot cheaper! If your Spanish is not fluent then visit this site via which will complete the translation for you.

Missouri Botanical Garden W3TROPICOS

This is an electronic 'Catalog of the Orchidaceae' containing over 56000 records. The current W3 version provides new and improved access to this vast nomenclatural database housed at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Future efforts with the project will add images in colour, original descriptions, texts and distribution maps.

The Orchid House

Contains an excellent link index, with many sites that other pages overlook. An ideal place to start a detailed search for that elusive pet topic.

The Orchid Mall

An appropriate title for a site where so many links are housed under the one roof. Something for everybody - orchid software, plant sources, photographic sites, the Reading Room, and other informational and commercial suppliers. Clicking on this site will loose your link to the Orchid Society of Canberra.

Orchid Species

Site maintained by Jay Pfahl. Most noted for images and climate requirements on over 5000 orchid species. Also has a list of abbreviations of orchid names and the parentage of hybrids.

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) (United Kingdom)

The RHS is the accepted registrar of orchid hybrids. You can use the site to check on parentage of hybrids. The site also provides information on many other plant genera. For information on orchids, select Plants, Plant Groups and then Orchids

Silk Flowers

An unexpected site, but covers numerous orchid species and has many useful links to possibly lesser known sites

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